My music is normally released under licenses that require attribution (credit). If there is a link to this page, attribution may be given by including any of the following, in order of preference (highest first). Any (other) right to attribution by name or title is waived if you provide attribution as detailed below.

Note: If you are giving attribution on a site listed below, the attribution on the same site has first preference. This allows you to use features specific to the site. (For example, if you are sharing a song on Twitter, you should give credit on Twitter as opposed to SoundCloud [the first preference in the normal order].)

Caution for New Music

Music must link to this page in order for this attribution option to apply. My newer music does not include this option; instead, additional options are contained within the licenses. Please review those licenses for the options. (Some, but not all of these are acceptable for those licenses.)

Notes About URLs

Acceptable Attributions